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Children enjoying the newest structure! Way to go!! (Karen Fisk Ormsbee) 


Park Cleanup on April 18th, 2015 from 9AM - 3PM!

Please join SPARC members and Sterling Recreation Committee members on Saturday, April 18 to help make Sterling Greenery Community Park on Muddy Pond Road in Sterling ready for play!

So drop by - even for an hour - and join our cleanup party!!!

See our Events Page for full details!

Park Location

The Sterling Greenery Community Park is located on Muddy Pond Rd, Sterling, MA 01564 on town property adjacent to the Chockset Middle School and Houghton Elementary School.
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Spring 2015 Update

Sterling Greenery Community Park play area closed for updates until after April 18th Clean Up Day

Sterling Recreation Department will be performing routine maintenance and safety improvements during early April to the play area at the Sterling Greenery Community Park on Muddy Pond Road. The play area will be closed during this project until after the April 18th Clean Up Day. 

Please join the Recreation Department members and other volunteers on Saturday, April 18th to help make the Sterling Greenery Community Park ready for play. Drop by - even for an hour - and join our cleanup party! 


Park Background

At the Annual Town Meeting in May 2010, SPARC received approval for $40,000 from the Town and submitted the PARC Grant application in July 2010, which requests $50,000 from a state grant program specifically for recreation and open space programming. A site visit was made by the grant committee in early August 2010 and notification about the grant should take place in October 2010. Due to the heavy demand for grants in 2010, we unfortunately did not receive the grant from the state. So we ordered the large "Space Ball" structure and the "Little Village" playset in the Winter of 2010. Both structures were installed with volunteer help during Summer 2011. (See our Photo Album for some great pictures of both installs!). Now that this play equipment is installed, Phase II is complete.

With the completion of Phase II, the Sterling Play Area Recreation (sub)Committee is now looking to transition from an active planning and fundraising committee to a maintenance and fundraising group. This new ‘Friends of the Park’ committee (comprised of new and old members) will work with the Recreation Department to take over efforts to fundraise and carry out maintenance. SPARC has already set up a ‘Friends of Sterling Greenery Community Park’ fund/ maintenance endowment through the Community Foundation of North Central MA (CFNCM). One of the final fundraisers under SPARC may be hosting a family dance fundraiser in late winter and the committee is looking for volunteers to help with that effort. Please email or visit for more information or to become a member of SPARC and/or the ‘Friends of the Park’ group.

Sterling businesses, citizens and The Town have taken great care to create a fun, educational park for the entire community. It is in the town’s best interest to keep the park vibrant and safe. To that end, SPARC encourage residents to act as the "eyes and ears" of the park, thereby creating a new park watch program. The park watch program is a partnership between the SPARC committee, Recreation Department, Sterling Police Department and residents to reduce vandalism, the misuse of park properties, abuse or capture of wildlife and to keep our park safe from any illicit activities that may occur. Everyone is asked to be alert and to report any suspicious activities to the proper authorities. To report routine maintenance issues such as trash dumping, broken equipment, grass cutting, etc., please email or call (978) 422-3041. This park watch program has great potential to be an effective program for our town at an inexpensive cost to residents – your involvement is needed to keep the park enjoyable for everyone!

PROJECT STATUS (As of Oct 2011):

Phase I – Complete (2008)

  • Waterfall & pond bog filtration system
  • Fencing installation

  • Hundreds of ornamental trees, bushes and perennials

  • Play equipment for 2-5 year-old children

  • Safety surfacing

Phase II – Complete (2011)

  • Swings (Completed 2008)
  • Benches (Completed 2008)

  • Pergola Structure (Completed May 2009)

  • 2 Individual play equipment pieces (Completed Summer 2009)

  • Walking path from Muddy Pond Road to the sports fields parking area (Scheduled for Nov 2011)

  • Play structure for 5-12 year-olds (Completed June 2011)

  • Play structure for 2-5 year-olds (Completed June 2011)


Phase III – Future

  • Ongoing Maintenance Fund (maintained through fundraising efforts)

  • Additional benches/tables (purchased through fundraising efforts)

  • Nature Signage (built/purchased through fundraising efforts or Boy Scout/Girl Scout project)

The goal for Sterling Greenery Community Park is to provide a gathering space for the entire Sterling community - where people of all ages can gather to socialize, enjoy the outdoors, and exercise during the day free of charge. The pavilion, benches, picnic tables, walking paths, landscaping, and science/nature theme elements are all intended to make the Park inviting to both adults and children.

Sterling Greenery Community Park will offer children and adults the following:

  • Playground featuring state-of-the-art equipment including: a net structure, rubber bridges, a playhouse, swings, and much more. The playground will be wheelchair accessible and enclosed by a gated fence. Separate areas within the playground will be designated for kids under five and for kids age five to 12.
  • Wheelchair- and stroller-accessible walking paths that circle the pond and connect with the fields (soccer, baseball, and football) and the basketball courts behind the Chocksett School.
  • Science and nature themes will be used to unify the various features of Sterling Greenery Community Park and make it truly unique. The science/nature theme will be incorporated into the types of playground equipment (e.g. frog to climb on, mushrooms to jump over, and equipment demonstrating the principals of physics) and other aspects of the Park to engage kids and adults.
  • Landscaping to help delineate the play areas, provide protection from the sun, and enhance the natural beauty of the area, which includes a pond, forest, and fields. Low-maintenance native plants will be used to reduce water dependency and because they are well suited to native plant and animal species on the site.
  • Pavilion for group gatherings and protection from the sun.
  • Benches and picnic tables for relaxing and eating.
  • Parking area that is easily accessible from main road with plenty of space as well as bike racks.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer or finding out more information about the Park, you can contact the committee in the following ways:



Sterling Recreation Dept./SPARC
One Park Street
Sterling, MA 01564

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